An overview of cyber risk – Emmanuèle Lutfalla, Déborah Azerraf and Alice Decramer

By Emmanuèle Lutfalla & Deborah Azerraf

Emmanuèle Lutfalla, Déborah Azerraf and Alice Decramer provide an overview of cyber risk in relation to insurance coverage in France and how corporates may seek to best protect themselves from the increasing prevalence of cyber attacks, and in turn mitigate this risk.

This article was published in Option Droit & Affaires, 18 September 2019, and can be read here. This has also been published in Option Finance, 14 October 2019, and can be read here.

Emmanuèle’s practice focuses on insurance and reinsurance litigation and claims management. She advises leading insurance companies both regarding policy wording and coverage issues. She is also regularly involved in reinsurance litigation. She has been involved in some of the most important product liability cases on behalf of insurers and reinsurers, for instance in the life sciences (medical devices) industry. In this respect, she has developed a specific experience in complex expert-appraisal proceedings and industrial risks investigations.

Deborah specialises in insurance disputes, product liability and mass toxic and consumer litigation. She is used to working in large-scale litigation and has developed an online tool for claims management in this respect.

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