Koshigi Ltd v Donna Union: can an arbitrator be warm and friendly with Counsel? – Ioannis Alexopoulos, Nick Storrs and Ryan Cable

Partner Ioannis Alexopoulos, Senior Associate Nick Storrs and Associate Ryan Cable examine the case of Koshigi Ltd v Donna Union, and discuss the reasoning behind the High Court’s decision to penalise a party who wrongly alleged bias on the part of an arbitrator.

Feb 13, 2019

Costs in International Arbitration – Are Changes Needed? – Neil Newing, Ryan Cable and Johnny Shearman

In their article for the Kluwer Arbitration Blog, Of Counsel Neil Newing, Associate Ryan Cable and Professional Support Lawyer Johnny Shearman examine costs in International Arbitration and whether the practice can learn from the way costs are handled in English Litigation.

Jan 02, 2019