Is there a strong case for litigation funding? – Partner Daniel Spendlove comments in Private Debt Investor

By Daniel Spendlove

Partner Daniel Spendlove comments in Private Debt Investor in relation to litigation funding as part of the publication’s special report on distressed debt and special situations investments.

Daniel’s comments on litigation funding were published in Private Debt Investor, 3 June 2019. The full article can be read on the Private Debt Investor website here.

“As investors assess lesser-known assets to meet their investment needs, litigation funders are witnessing a surge of interest. But how appealing are the returns, given the risks in this developing market?

“The high returns reflect the inherent risk and unpredictability of outcome in litigation,” explains Daniel Spendlove, a partner at Signature Litigation.

“Investment decisions are typically made very early in the life cycle of a case, when, in most cases, the full evidential picture is unavailable. Funders price this risk into the returns sought.””

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