Kate Gee comments in City AM

By Kate Gee

Partner Kate Gee comments in City AM in relation to news this week revealing that hundreds of ‘erroneous’ filings have been lodged with Companies House, raising fears of fraud across the corporate register.

Kate’s comments were published in City AM, 5 March 2024, here.

Kate commented:

“It is fitting that these “rogue” filings coincide with the phased roll out of Companies House’s new powers to tackle fraud, set in motion on Monday. The new powers aim to “improve the quality and reliability of its data and tackle misuse of the companies register” – and are evidently overdue.

Erroneous filings on Companies House are not uncommon. With the new powers, it remains to be seen whether Companies House has sufficient funds and human resources to do what is needed to correct the register, prevent future offences and maintain a reliable and accurate record of company data.

Company directors will be watching with interest to see how the Companies House Registrar operates the new tools in its toolkit – for now, those include the ability to query information and request supporting evidence, with potential criminal sanctions for non-cooperation.”

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