Kate Gee comments on decentralised dispute resolution in CDR News

By Kate Gee

Partner Kate Gee comments on the increasing popularity of decentralised dispute resolution (DDR).

Kate’s comments were published in CDR News, 9 January 2024, and can be found here.

In light of the growing popularity of decentralised dispute resolution powered, assisted by blockchain technologies, Partner Kate Gee spoke with CDR News about the benefits of the more readily-accessible system, and concerns regarding its enforceability.

Kate commented: “In certain circumstances, and for the right parties, DDR can offer a lower-cost and quick route to a decision being made. This is reflected by DDR services being offered by an increasing number of platforms.”

Kate further commented: “However, there remains uncertainty about the enforceability of, and the appeal process for, decisions obtained through DDR. While corresponding steps can be taken “on chain” to protect relevant assets (for example, freezing mechanisms or the requirement for parties to agree to an “on chain” enforcement mechanism), it is not yet clear whether a DDR decision would be recognised and enforced by court in this jurisdiction, or elsewhere.”


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