Partner Hermès Marangos comments in The Times

By Hermes Marangos

Partner Hermès Marangos comments in The Times in relation to the impact of Coronavirus on businesses dealing with China.

Hermès’ comments were published in The Times, February 13 2020. Read the full article here.

“As coronavirus spreads around the globe, from Beijing to Brighton, law firms — especially those with interests in east Asia — are being inundated with questions from anxious clients.

Importers, exporters, business travellers and anyone involved in supply chains with China faces an impending crisis. Hermès Marangos of Signature Litigation says that, because the scale of coronavirus is unpredictable, it is impossible to judge the full legal repercussions of the epidemic for individuals and commerce.

However, for business executives, travelling east has already become a problem. The US has warned its citizens not to go to China. The UK has advised against all travel to Hubei province and advised only essential travel to the rest of mainland China.”

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