Partner Josh Wong comments in The Times’ Raconteur

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Signature Litigation

Partner Josh Wong comments in The Times’ Raconteur in relation to increased activity in mergers and acquisitions from Chinese and other Asian investors.

Josh’s comments were published in The Times’ Raconteur, 18 October 2017. Read the full article here.

“According to Josh Wong, a partner in London-based Signature Litigation, the Chinese “have a fascination with British brands and many have been successful in China, but not all investments have worked”.

He cites the failed Bright Foods Shanghai investment in UK cereal brand Weetabix. Bright Foods sold its holding to a US buyer.

However, Mr Wong believes that Chinese people retain a high regard for British culture, education and business. “Jane Austen’s novels and books about Sherlock Holmes’ adventures are incredibly popular in China. They reinforce the image of Britain as a country where people act in a genteel fashion and with integrity,” he says.”

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