Partner Simon Bushell comments in City A.M. and The Lawyer

By Simon Bushell
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Simon Bushell
Simon Bushell

Partner Simon Bushell comments in City A.M. and The Lawyer in relation to the news that the High Court has confirmed that Bernie Ecclestone will face a civil trial brought by Signature’s client, Bluewaters Communications Holdings, over alleged bribery and corruption during the sale of Formula One to CVC Capital Partners.

Simon’s comments were published in City A.M., 24 March 2018, and The Lawyer, 26 March 2018, and can be found here and here.

“Formula One’s former chief executive Bernie Ecclestone is set to face a fresh trial over bribery and corruption allegations, relating to the 2006 sale of the motor racing business to private equity firm CVC Capital Partners.

“”Our client Bluewaters is pleased that the judge has now set a date for the trial in London, which presents an opportunity to show how Mr Ecclestone’s secret payments to Gerhard Gribkowsky blocked our client’s bid for Formula One,” said Simon Bushell of Signature Litigation, the law firm representing Bluewaters.”

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