Partner Simon Bushell comments in The Times, City A.M., Legal Week and Law360

By Simon Bushell
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Simon Bushell

Partner Simon Bushell comments in The Times, City A.M., Legal Week and Law360 in relation to the SFO bringing charges against Barclays and four former executives in relation to their actions during the 2008 financial crisis.

Simon’s comments were published in The TimesCity A.M.Legal Week and Law360.

”It is striking that this announcement comes some nine years after the events in question and relates, not to the causes of the global financial crisis, but to a ‘clean-up’. The decision to charge Barclays shows that the idea that claims arising from the crisis are fizzling out is wide of the mark.

“It is often the case that the more serious the issues, the harder it is to get to the bottom of them, especially where fraud is alleged.‎ We know from our own ongoing mandates that there are some very large claims out there which have not yet been brought, and which go right back to the lead-up to the crisis.”

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