Signature Litigation contributes to Getting The Deal Through Insurance Litigation 2021 Guide

By Hermes Marangos

Partner Hermès Marangos has authored the UK chapter of Lexology’s Getting The Deal Through Insurance Litigation 2021 Guide.

Reproduced with permission from Law Business Research Ltd. This content was first published in Lexology GTDT: Insurance Litigation 2021. For further information please visit

A PDF of the UK chapter can be found here.

The Insurance Litigation Guide provides expert advice and insight into crucial contentious insurance issues in major jurisdictions around the world. Topics covered include: jurisdiction-specific guidance on litigious mechanisms, remedies and damages, dispute resolution and arbitration for insurance companies and policyholders, the interpretation and ambiguities of insurance contracts, liability policies and coverage, notice mechanisms and obligations, defence duties, and litigious issues surrounding first-party property and D&O insurance. The full Guide can be accessed here.

Getting The Deal Through provides international expert analysis in key areas of law, practice and regulation for corporate counsel, cross-border legal practitioners, and company directors and officers. Each chapter covers a separate jurisdiction, and comprises an interview with the leading practitioners within the territory.

Find out more about Getting The Deal Through here. Signature Litigation members Adriano Stagni and Gavin Collins assisted with putting together this contribution.

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