Signature Litigation instructed on two of The Lawyer’s Top 20 Cases of 2022

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Signature Litigation

We are pleased to see that two cases we are instructed on have been featured in The Lawyer’s Top 20 Cases of 2022.

The Lawyer’s Top 20 Cases of 2022 article was published on 10 January 2022. Read this on The Lawyer’s website here.

The first featured matter, Lonestar Communications v Kaye and Ors, highlights the involvement of Signature Litigation Partner Paul Brehony, Counsel Kate Gee and Associate Olivier Swain, who are acting for Cellcom Telecommunications, one of the Defendants listed in this case.

In its report, The Lawyer details the background of the litigation, that between 2015 and 2017, “Liberian telecoms company Lonestar claims it fell victim to a number of cyber attacks, after the use of “botnets” disrupted its servers with superfluous requests.” Lonestar claims it “suffered damages as a result of the attacks, causing the business to drop in value and lose profits.

The Lawyer then details an additional aspect of the litigation, that “involves claims of conspiracy and unlawful interference, for which [Lonestar’s] rivals Cellcom and Orange Liberia have been dragged into proceedings“. The Lawyer notes that “Orange and Cellcom have challenged whether [the other defendants] were even in their employ at the time… and deny Lonestar’s claim for exemplary damages.

Signature Litigation has instructed One Essex Court’s Sonia Tolaney QC and Tim Goldfarb.

The second featured matter, Suppipat v Narongdej and 16 ors, highlights the involvement of Partners Julian Connerty and Becca Hogan, who are acting for the several Defendants in a $2bn Claim in the High Court in relation to Thai-based company, Wind Energy Holding. The case forms part of a series of “arbitration and litigation in multiple jurisdictions, including Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong and the British Virgin Islands“.

Signature Litigation has instructed Fountain Court Chambers‘ Ben Valentin QC.

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