Sylvie Gallage-Alwis comments in in relation to worker safety during COVID-19

By Sylvie Gallage-Alwis

Partner Sylvie Gallage-Alwis comments on the case of Amazon France regarding worker safety during COVID-19, in

Sylvie’s comments were published in, 24 April 2020, and can be found here.

“Sylvie Gallage-Alwis, a labor partner at Signature Litigation in Paris, noted that anxiety damage was “a recognized cause of action under French law.”

She cited a French Supreme Court ruling in 2019 that employees could sue their employers for damages because of anxiety about developing an illness in the course of their work. The 2019 ruling enlarged the scope of previous rulings regarding asbestos-related disease.

The appeals court ruling in the Amazon case underlines that “companies should implement measures to address this subjective feeling of their employees,” Gallage-Alwis said.”

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